'Constellations / Settlements. The 212,524 Steps' Outdoor Interventions and Installations in various locations in the island of Gozo in Malta, 2018. Masking tape, silk string, cotton thread, plastic tape. Variable dimensions.

Inspired by the morphology and the geography of Gozo with its settlements, Panagiotis Voulgaris did 212,524 steps in order to create an extended map of ephemeral artworks, developed through a significant number of outdoor installations and interventions in various locations. The use of a soft and fragile material, such as the masking tape, was dictated by the characteristic colour of the landscape and the buildings. It became the main element of their symbolic, measurement, restoration and healing, implemented by the artist as a constellation of simple and gentle gestures. The interaction of the artworks with nature was an attempt to capture the intense light, to indicate the movement of the strong wind and to produce sound.

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